I don’t pledge to flags, I burn them. My shelves are lined with books and gasoline. I have a brick in one hand and a pill in the other. There’s a chain around… Continue reading

I found God in the sound of your factories burning down.

For all those who seek truth. For all those who seek freedom. For all those who will never be free. I will not forget and I will not close my eyes.

This is X.

X. It is the African name Malcolm never knew. Blue stripes crossed upon a red flag, southern pride or white supremacy? Warning: X-rated, false perceptions of the female body will dismantle your self-esteem.… Continue reading

Words left unsaid. Good left undone.

I’m looking for someone who feels as I do.

me, myself, and I

Everything has an end.

Childhood in decay.

Destroy Cops. Set fire to the suburbs. Revolt.